Reducing Operational Disruptions and usage of DG

Reducing Operational Disruptions and usage of DG


E-Commerce Retailer, India


  • Reduce usage of DG during increasingly frequent and costly disruptions in the grid
  • Higher adoption of RE power and move a step closer to achieving sustainability goals
  • Client needed to be assured of reliable, ready back-up power; eliminating lost revenues when operations were curtailed by grid outages

Solution Supplied

Product Name:

Battery Energy Storage System

System Size:


  • Newen’s BESS solution including microgrid controller integrated with Solar for cost effective smart charging. BESS gives back-up power during grid outage, thereby reducing the overall DG usage.

Customer Benefit

  • Improved standing in the community as green leader
  • Helped the client improve their potential for energy saving by replacing costlier DG units @ Rs.26/unit
  • Showcase project for clean, on-site energy efficient consumption

600 MT of CO2 reduction in carbon emission in 12 years


Equivalent to planting 29,000 mature trees plant in 12 years