DC Coupled Solar + BESS Power for Industrial Operations

DC Coupled Solar + BESS Power for Industrial Operations

Innovative System

Newen Systems has designed an engineering solution with Dynapower’s innovative DC Coupled technology for BESS in an Opex Model with IPP, providing higher efficiency, seamless and resilient power. It offers a stable synchronization with DG and lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for the overall project.

The BESS is tailored for grid-forming, backup and renewable energy smoothing applications.

Key System Size

  • DC Coupled System
  • ~ 10 MWp Solar
  • 4.5 MW/ ~7 MWh BESS
  • Under Commissioning


  • No Grid connection due to remote location
  • Costlier and carbon intensive DG supply.
  • Intermittent RE Power
  • Integration and synchronization of RE and DG power for resilient power


  • Grid forming functionality of PCS and Energy Management System enables seamless supply of power from Solar, BESS or DG.
  • DC Coupled System facilitates higher system yield and better resilience for remote island operations.
  • Load priority: Solar > Batteries > DG


  • Reliable power backup source for designed application
  • ~ 40% savings from DG tariff
  • RE Smoothening
  • Seamless Transfer between Sources