Improving Customer Services and reducing Carbon Footprints

Improving Customer Services and reducing Carbon Footprints


Hospitality, India


  • Mitigate customer discomfort and improve services due to grid outage
  • Move a step closer to achieving sustainability target
  • Reduce DG usage during frequent and costly disruptions in the grid
  • Client needed to be assured of reliable, backup power and eliminating lost revenues when operations were curtailed by grid outages

Solution Supplied

Product Name:

BESS in OPEX model with IPP

System Size:

250kW/250 kWHr

Newen Scope:

System design and engineering with supply of complete BESS


  • Newen’s technology enables flicker free transfer of critical loads in elevators, lobbies and dining areas. Smart and cost-effective charging enabled in the battery system discharges power during grid outages. Algorithm is enabled to smartly discharge battery based on various parameters to help reduce overall energy costs.

Customer Benefit

  • Improved standing in the community as green leader
  • Helped client improve their potential for energy savings by replacing costlier DG units @ Rs.30/unit
  • A showcase project for customer service and cleaner energy adoption
  • 40% savings over DG Units.

800 MT of CO2 reduction in carbon emission in 12 years#


Equivalent to planting 38,000 mature trees plant in 12 years


1,500 BOE BARRELS OF OIL EQUIVALENT saved in 12 years