A Unique and Innovative Solution for harnessing additional Roof Space

A Unique and Innovative Solution for harnessing additional Roof Space

Innovative System

Newen Systems has designed an engineering solution with Dynapower’s innovative DC Coupled technology for BESS in an Opex Model with IPP, providing higher efficiency and seamless and resilient power for a commercial complex. The solution enables higher DC solar capacity and keeps AC capacity within the contract demand range.

Key System Size

  • 233 kW (AC) / 600 kWp Solar
  • 468 kWh BESS
  • Grid Connect: Hybrid System
  • Year of Commissioning: 2023


  • High Time of Day (TOD) peak grid tariff
  • Solar capacity is limited due to limit on net metering cap on AC side


  • The system design includes DC-DC converter 250 kW , Bi-directional inverter 250
  • KW and Micro Grid Controller.
  • DC Coupled technology enables efficient battery charging from Solar.
  • Grid forming PCS enables Off-Grid seamless green power for EV Chargers via
    Solar PV system.
  • Newen Energy Management System allows seamless and resilient power with
    dynamic monitoring & control of load and generation sources.


  • DC Coupled System enables the client to put higher DC solar capacity, where excess is stored in BESS and discharged during peak grid hours. This solution enables huge savings during high tariff zones.
  • Load priority: Solar > Batteries > Grid > DG


  • Higher renewable energy mix
  • Better utilization of available roof space
  • 40% savings in grid tariff during peak hours
  • 95% Green Energy