Microgrid Solution with Multiple Sources and Varying Loads

Microgrid Solution with Multiple Sources and Varying Loads

Innovative System

Newen Systems’ Innovative Solution, one of its kind in India, where we are monitoring and controlling various energy sources including Solar, BESS, Bio-Mass plant, Grid and DGs.The System ensure seamless supply and power, prioritising load allocation based on Levelized Cost of Energy ( LCOE ) and high green power mix.

The BESS is tailored for grid-forming, Non-Solar hour supply and renewable energy smoothing applications.

Key System Size

  • DC Coupled system
  • ~ 4 MWp Solar
  • 1 MW/1.25 MWh BESS
  • Under Commissioning


  • Multiple sources and varying loads
  • Complex Infrastructure with various connection points


  • The system design includes DC-DC converter 250 kW , Bi-directional inverter 250
  • KW and Micro Grid Controller.
  • DC Coupled technology enables efficient battery charging from Solar.
  • Grid forming PCS enables Off-Grid seamless green power for EV Chargers via
    Solar PV system.
  • Newen Energy Management System allows seamless and resilient power with
    dynamic monitoring & control of load and generation sources.


  • BESS and Solar combine for continuous Green power, with Newen PCS forming the local grid and NEEMS enabling dynamic control and monitoring.
  • Dynamic control of the loads as per defined logic
  • Load priority: Solar > Bio-Mass > Batteries > Grid > DG


  • Higher Green Energy mix
  • Grid independent Captive Plant
  • ~ 90% DG reduction
  • POC for future projects