Micro-grid Application: Renewable + BESS + DG

Micro-grid Application: Renewable + BESS + DG


IPP, South-East Asia


  • Grid formation for Solar generation
  • Integration between solar, DG and batteries
  • Load following Smooth Energy supply
  • Optimized LCOE for different energy sources

Solution Supplied

Product Name:

Solar + BESS in OPEX model with IPP.

System Size:

DC Coupled 250 kW / 210 kWp Solar + 500 kWh BESS are sized for constant supply for ~ 7-8 hrs. and enables smooth transition/ramp-up of diesel generator.

Newen Scope:

System design and engineering with supply of complete BESS


  • Newen’s technology will constantly monitor load and solar output. Batteries will be charged/discharged to provide constant power and allow smooth ramp up/ ramp down with DG
  • Load priority:- Solar > Batteries >DG

Customer Benefit

  • Reliable power backup source for designed application
  • 40% Savings from DG tariff
  • Smooth output from Solar
  • Smooth transition between Solar and Generator