High Power Rectifier

Reduce energy cost, provide critical backup power and manage power quality using energy storage

High Power Rectifier

Designed for processes that require large voltages and currents, Chopper rectifier consists of high frequency switching technology in a modular design package that converts the secondary AC voltage to a regulated output DC voltage.

IGBT Chopper rectifiers are designed for high power factor and low harmonic distortion, eliminating the need for power faction correction equipment and harmonic filters. They also have inherently low ripple (typically <2%) at full output so ripple filters are not needed.

Compared to standard thyristor rectifiers, the Chopper offers a modular approach to rectification, resulting in simplified transformer designs and systems that are easier to install, have a lower total cost of ownership, and save valuable space. Its modular design also makes repairs fast and easy should a module fail.

Chopper rectifiers come with an intuitive touchscreen controller integrated with a programmable logic controller that features system protection, dynamic response, and stored system data.

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System Advantages

High power density and efficiency

High power factor, low harmonics and low ripple eliminate need for expensive additional quipment

Modular design provides built-in redundancy.