Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is the future, a versatile energy carrier and critical enabler to achieve clean, affordable and sustainable solutions.  Our DC power supplies and energy storage solutions aid in the process of producing and utilizing clean energy from hydrogen.

Revolution for the future

Hydrogen produced from 100% renewable energy sources is called green hydrogen. The final process uses electricity generated from renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

For many – including oil and gas players, large utilities, industries from steel to fertilizers, and more – green hydrogen is regarded as the best solution for harmonizing the intermittency of renewables whilst decarbonizing the energy-hungry industrial, chemical and transportation sectors.

Although green hydrogen is gaining traction across industries, it still faces numerous challenges in terms of design optimization& ROI, specialized workforce, operational costs, energy losses, etc. Reaching net zero by 2050 requires finding innovative ways to reduce emissions and decarbonize some of the most polluting sectors and industries.

Clean hydrogen can be crucial in minimizing climate change impacts, helping decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors that rely on fossil fuels—such as heavy industry, shipping, and air transport—while contributing to food security, economic growth, and job creation.


Green Hydrogen Generation

Electrolysers are powered by our DC power supplies to produce green hydrogen with clean energy from solar and wind, advancing the huge potential of hydrogen for decarbonizing our energy needs.

Fuel Cell Application

Powered by hydrogen, fuel cells can be used as Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to generate electricity, service microgrids, provide backup power, firm the grid with dispatchable power or provide demand management services to commercial-industrial facilities.