With patented solutions and global expertise, Newen Systems is a reliable and established provider of Energy Storage Solutions and Power Conversion Systems that play an integral role in essential industries that significantly impact the global environment.


Energy Storage

Complete solution spectrum from design to commissioning, Newen offers Microgrids to utility scale BESS solutions to help customers, communities, and countries transition to cleaner and greener energy. Native integration between PCS and EMS provides resilience, better grid interaction capabilities as well as predictable project execution for customers. See how Newen BESS philosophy convert your renewable energy resources to dispatchable power sources.

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is critical for industries to achieve their Net Zero goals. Newen offers complete power systems solutions for DC Microgrid, AC microgrid and Grid connected Hydrogen generation plants. Our experience with Dynapower executing some of the world’s largest green Hydrogen project as well as DC microgrid plants will help customers decide right fit generation topology and electrolyser technology.


Our revolutionary DC Coupled Standalone Solar Solution, implemented in the E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Sector, has ushered in a groundbreaking concept known as 'Way-Point Charging.' This innovation targets regions with limited or no grid access, thereby expediting the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles across various domains, encompassing intercity electric buses, mining machinery, agricultural operations, and border mobility solutions.