Compact Power System – CPS Series Inverters

CPS® are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient energy storage inverters available in indoor and outdoor configurations. CPS Inverters are air-cooled and designed for four-quadrant energy storage in grid-tied and microgrid applications. Multiple CPS® units can be paralleled together to meet customer demand and front of the meter applications.

Manufactured by Newen Systems with Dynapower Technology

Bi-Directional Inverter (UTILITY SCALE)


Newen Systems in technological collaboration with Dynapower, manufactures world class Energy Storage. Bi-directional inverters, Microgrid Controllers & DC-DC Converters. Made in India, our energy storage solutions are engineered to excel and customized to the specific needs of customers for “Front of The Meter” and “Behind The Meter” solutions.


Dynapower is a leader in the design and manufacture of four-quadrant bi-directional energy storage inverters. The MPSTM, CPSTM and DPSTM product lines are IEEE and UL1741 compliant; offer sub-cycle response with zero voltage ride-through; feature a Dynamic Transfer function that can be operated in both grid-tied or stand-alone (grid forming) modes. Dynapower inverters are deployed globally as grid-tied energy storage inverters and as micro-grid inverters, enabling increased penetration of renewable generation resources on the grid.


Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet