Resilient Power using DC-Coupled Solar + BESS

Resilient Power using DC-Coupled Solar + BESS

Innovative System

Newen Systems has designed an engineering solution with Dynapower’s innovative DC Coupled technology for BESS, providing higher efficiency, seamless and resilient power. It offers a stable synchronization with DG and lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for the overall project.

The BESS is tailored for grid-forming, backup, time of the day and renewable energy smoothing applications.

Key System Size

  • DC Coupled
  • ~ 400 kWp Solar
  • 350 kW/~ 400 kWh BESS
  • Under Commissioning


  • Poor Grid connection causing disruption in the operations, resulting in downtime and potential equipment damage.
  • High DG usage, increasing operational cost.
  • Higher grid tariffs during peak hours.


  • The system design includes DC-DC converter 250 kW , Bi-directional inverter 250
  • KW and Micro Grid Controller.
  • DC Coupled technology enables efficient battery charging from Solar.
  • Grid forming PCS enables Off-Grid seamless green power for EV Chargers via
    Solar PV system.
  • Newen Energy Management System allows seamless and resilient power with
    dynamic monitoring & control of load and generation sources.


  • Combination of BESS and Solar for continuous green power, with Newen’s PCS forming the local grid and NEEMS enabling dynamic control and monitoring.
  • DC coupling enhances system yield and efficiency, delivering uninterrupted quality power to the critical loads.
  • Load priority: Solar > Batteries > Grid > DG.


  • Reliable uninterrupted power backup source for designed application
  • RE Smoothening
  • Reduced DG usage by ~ 50%
  • ~ 30% overall savings