India’s First EaaS Commercial Project

India’s First EaaS Commercial Project

Innovative System

The system utilizes solar energy as its primary generation source,
supplemented by a battery energy storage system (BESS) and the grid, when
available. By using EMS, the system can dynamically monitor varying loads and
generation sources such as solar and grid for optimization of the operation.

This system allows efficient utilization of renewable energy and ensures continuous power supply to meet electricity needs of the customer.

Key System Size

  • Solar 415 kWp.
  • BESS 250 kW/ 234 kWh.
  • Off-Grid System
  • Year of Commissioning 2022


  • RESCO Rooftop Solar was unavailable due to regulatory challenges, thus demanding high CAPEX Investment by customer.
  • High sustainability goals were to be met with commercially viable solutions. Technical challenges regarding integration with multiple sources such as Solar, Grid, DG sets and varying loads.


  • The system design includes DC-DC converter 250 kW , Bi-directional inverter 250
  • KW and Micro Grid Controller.
  • DC Coupled technology enables efficient battery charging from Solar.
  • Grid forming PCS enables Off-Grid seamless green power for EV Chargers via
    Solar PV system.
  • Newen Energy Management System allows seamless and resilient power with
    dynamic monitoring & control of load and generation sources.


  • CarbonNeutralSustainableSolution
  • Grid Independent System for Solar & BESS
  • 40% Savings on Electricity Bills
  • Resilient Power by Solar & BESS Systems
  • Green Power during Solar Hours
  • Zero upfront Investment with EaaS Model