Hospitality Service Customer First!

Hospitality Service Customer First!

Innovative System

Newen Systems’ BESS in an Opex Model with an IPP provides seamless power to the hotel during grid outages. It replaces costly DG Units and contributes significantly to energy savings. The BESS stores and discharges energy efficiently, ensuring reliable power supply, whilst minimizing reliance on traditional power sources.

It is an excellent example of utilizing clean energy technology for improving reliability, reducing costs and promoting sustainability in the hospitality industry.


  • The patented dynamic transfer technology ensures flicker-free transfer of critical HVAC loads and maintains uninterrupted operations, even during grid outages.
  • This innovative approach showcases Newen Systems’ commitment in providing cutting-edge solutions that enhances reliability, reduce costs and promotes energy efficiencies.


  • Join the ‘community’ of Green Leaders
  • Adoption of Cleaner energy
  • 40% energy savings by replacing costlier DG units
  • Improved hospitality services and operations